Katie Harrington

Katie Harrington

Katie Harrington is a journalist, communications specialist, blogger and social media enthusiast. Based in Dubai, Katie is an editor with a renowned publishing house, where she works on the company’s most prestigious title. Katie is experienced in writing for both consumer and corporate titles, and maintains an excellent relationship with her clients and editors. She also freelances regularly for companies that require top quality press releases and superb editorial copy.

Katie has contributed news, opinion and lifestyle pieces to newspapers including the Irish Times, the Sligo Champion, and the Tuam Herald. During an internship with the Irish Times, Katie was trained in interview skills, research, reporting, writing and editing. These skills were further honed at an apprenticeship with the Fresh Outlook in Cardiff, Wales, before Katie began her career as a professional editor.


Katie grew up in Galway, Ireland. In her school days, Katie published her first articles in a national broadsheet, when she contributed to the Irish Times ‘TeenTimes’ column. She went on to study New Media and English at the University of Limerick (UL), where she wrote regularly for the university’s student newspaper, An Focal. Katie was also actively involved with the Students’ Union and the UL Debating Society.

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